Society Has Deemed Boys Be Raised a Certain Way


(Image via The Conversation)

Aubrie Sandoval, Writer

Our society has a lot of issues that sit on us until we can’t breathe anymore. And while most of these societal issues need to be talked about, desperately at this point, I believe that the way people are raised is an important issue, that will affect them and impact them for the rest of their lives. The issue I want to talk about in a nutshell, is that boys are raised in a way that cuts them off from being in touch with their emotions and being compassionate and empathetic. This also  cuts them off from getting valuable experiences that could possibly help them in the real world. What I’m trying to say is that most men are emotionally inept and the cause of this, is the way that society has judged them and told people to raise their children. Specifically males. 

An in-depth answer to the questions that may be out there is that while women and girls are raised to feel inferior physically, but not mentally, boys are raised to feel inferior in any way that has to do with learning, growing and feeling emotions. Society has made it to where boys who show they are smart are labeled as nerds or geeks. Boys that allow their feelings to show and be present are labeled as wimps or weak. The “ideal man” is someone who isn’t in touch with their feelings and is smart but doesn’t live up to their real potential and are raised to judge the people that are being the true versions of themselves. They are raised in a home that may have either made them feel insecure about themselves emotionally, so they lash out and hurt people in order to make people feel the same thing as they did. 

Another thing that completely ruins boys as they grow is that they believe that they should be and act a certain way. Bright colors and nail polish and listening to music that has been deemed music for girls or little kids is strange and not meant to be a thing. It’s a big no no, actually. And that block is what causes men to judge and attack people that are attempting to grow up the way they believe they are… human. And it’s odd to see that part of society because we throw ourselves into this cycle of hating people and the things that they do because we believe it’ll change things. We attack so hard that the things on the inside that make us human change us into something just a little more not human. How sad is that? Living for something that doesn’t fill your cup isn’t how you should have to live. Live for the things and places and people that make you happy. My family raised me to feel what I feel. They raised all of us children to feel what we feel. And I believe that when someone is raised that way, they will go on to raise their children that way. Feel what you feel, do what you want as long as it’s not harmful to you or someone else. Keep moving humans, you got this.