Blue and Green


(Image via Jaycob Davis)

Jaycob Davis, Writer

Two colors, but an array of patterns in the way that you look at me. It felt like a dream, a dream of blue and green colored skies, smiles with no lies. You have seen so many days and so many nights, but you have never seen anything more bright than your own eyes. When I had first met you in middle school, your smile and your eyes made me nervous, because you had looked so perfect. Those two colors may only ever be colors to you, just as simple as blue but to me, they’ve always been the brightest thing I have seen, because they have more detail than just green. Looking at you there are a million reasons to believe, you are more than just a dream. Life with you in it has been more than two colors, it’s been a movie scene, a movie dream. When things go dark tonight we look at the sky, hoping the sun will rise in the morning, but when it goes dark tonight I’ll wish for you to be alright. Only in the day time do people acknowledge other people, when the sun is bright and everything is fine, but when the sun falls down, no one is around. 

My mind wanders to happy places in the night time, I remember your eyes and the smile I fell in love with and sometimes it’s so simple to find peace when you found another piece. Whenever you are with me it’s a happy feeling, a wholeness feeling with no one else, you know my emotional healing. Falling into your eyes still brings me a smile, knowing you’ll be here for a while. The winds may blow us off course, but I have your back for sure, blue and green nights with mornings of surprise, but it isn’t a surprise you’re mine. As the day goes on and time flies, I still continue to fall for those eyes. A million colors, but the color that you have is a color I adore. Color can be simplistic for some people, but when it comes to you, the color goes beyond just blue and green. You light up my skies with those eyes, you bring sunsets and sunrises so many more colors to see, you make me believe in my dreams. My dreams that have been seen in the notebooks in my mind, the ones I always hide. 

Believing in those dreams in a different light is something you showed me. From the beginning until the end, you will always be my best friend because the love I have for you is undeniable and doesn’t end. The roads we crossed taught me to forgive and to see more colors than just black and white, you’ve shown me a new sight within this new light that everything will be alright as long as we tried. Saying that I love your eyes goes deeper than just those two colors, it exceeds the fact that you’re my other.