Traveling to Greece

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Anna Hansen, Writer

Greece is a country well known for its interesting Greek Mythology, which is why when traveling here you have to make sure that you visit all of the historical sights to get a better understanding of Greece’s culture and history.  From its beautiful nature to its amazing ruins your trip to Greece will be filled with amazing places to visit. 

The first place that you have to go to when you’re in Greece is Mount Olympus.  Mount Olympus is Greece’s highest mountain, with the highest peak at 2,917 meters.  When you first reach the bottom of Mount Olympus you will definitely be mesmerized by its amazing beauty.  It’ll be like the stories you read about as a child, Mount Olympus the home of the Gods. You might choose to have a picnic nearby and enjoy the view from far away.  However, if you are brave enough, you can climb the mountain. The journey up this mountain will be a tough one, but certainly not impossible. According to the highest point on Olympus, “. . . was reached in 1913 by Christos Kakalos of nearby Litohoro and Swiss climbers Frederic Boissonas and Daniel Baud-Bovy.”  If you plan on taking on this incredible challenge you will need to make sure that you have a good chunk of your trip ready to spend hiking on this mountain. On it says, “In total, this hike covers 20 kilometers over 11 hours from start to the summit with an elevation gain of over 2,550 meters.”  Even though the hike may be tough and it will definitely be a hard workout, you’ll get to see an amazing view from the top and get to explore the home of the Gods.  You’ll also get to know that you climbed to the highest point in Greece and lived to tell the tale.    

The next place that you must go to when you are in Greece is the Greek Acropolis of Athens.  According to, “The history books say it started being built in 447 BC.”  This means that this ruin is about 2,460 years old. Another interesting fact about the Greek Acropolis of Athens is shown on when it says, “. . . the Acropolis was an ancient city that still retains much of its original classical architecture and temples, including the Parthenon.”  The Parthenon is also a very old structure built way back, sometime between 447 and 432 BCE. This structure was built as an important temple for the Greek goddess Athena.  At the Acropolis, you will not only get to learn about its amazing history but see some amazing views. According to,  “Acropolis means ‘high city’ in Greek,” which is a fitting name considering that it is up very high.  This all means that well you are exploring these Greek ruins, you can also look down and see the rest of Greece around you. 

In conclusion, Greece would be an amazing place to visit.  So, if you ever do visit there, make sure to check out Mount Olympus, and maybe even climb to the top.  However, don’t forget to check out the Greek Acropolis of Athens and all of the other amazing Greek ruins that you can find all over Greece.  Overall, visiting Greece would be a magical and educational experience.