Prisoner By Gender


(Image via Jaycob Davis)

Jaycob Davis, Writer

In her skin she is infinitely powerful, nothing tears her from the part she will continue to play in this world until the world ends one day. She is a woman, not a property to own,  not something you can throw to the side of the road when you feel you are done. A woman has a willpower and a reason to have that, she brings so much to the table but she is in a world that is trying to stop her from that, a world full of people who believe she is nothing. They tell her she has to be a certain way but if she is that way then she is not being who she really is. In a world full of people trying to take these equalities from women because they have nothing better to do than to try to control what a woman can and cannot do.  She is not a child anymore, she is not always part of your beliefs so why does she need to do what you do? To limit what she can and cannot say or do is absurd. To tell her she has to act a way in which was acceptable at a certain point in time but it is not that time anymore, women are continuing to change and prosper in ways that are beautiful. 

It has always been but they have to fight the law system to even be allowed to choose what they can do to their own body. This world is taking away the basic human right of choice from women. All women, including trans women, have a reason just like everybody else so why are we telling them they are not able to come and go as they please? She is a strong and powerful influence in our world she should not have to fight to be heard,  we should be listening to them. When assault happens why do we always ask the woman, “did you tell them no?” When we know even if she did, we will not take that into a deep sense of consideration? 

Every woman should be allowed to express how she thinks and what she believes would be best for the community but we as a society tend to not want to acknowledge that she may have good ideas, we shut her down before she even has the chance.  She has a right and a reason to show a sense of knowledge, she could do anything in this world anything is a possibility. Women have rights, men have rights and children have rights, that is why it is called human rights. She has the control to say yes or no to anything she should not have to be a prisoner in her own gender because of the ignorance of other humans. 

  She and you have freedoms and potential to do what you desire but we figure, since some of us grew up believing that doing certain things was wrong so sometimes we tend to push those things on to other people not always because we want to hurt them with our words but because we believed those things as a kid due to authority telling us to but as a society, we need to realize that we are taking away a woman’s right to have a decision to do what she believes may be best for her. 

 We are a strong-willed society to tell somebody what they can and cannot do based on what we believe but if we turn that belief into telling people they can do what they feel they need to do to be in a good healthy place, we should use that energy to inspire and motivate men and women to protect women’s rights, to find ways to not victimize or shame women for trauma or for how they look and/or dress.  Every girl and woman deserves to feel safe walking around in a shirt. She is not an object, not a prisoner. She is an independent strong-minded woman, there’s a difference we just have not established this as a society and the sad truth of it all, is that it is not all men who are trying to limit women, it is other women. Women should start supporting other women and themselves because they are not less than anybody despite all beliefs that have appeared throughout our history.