Are Snow Days Good or Bad?



(Image via The Atlantic)

Morgan Cottrill, Writer

Most people would get excited at snow day or a possible snow day. On the other hand, some might dread a snow day. For those who love a good snow day that might mean going outside and having fun. Or maybe a nice relaxing day indoors with no school or work. For those who don’t enjoy snow days that could bring the worry of driving having enough food or they might even worrying about losing power or something extreme like that. People who love a snow day don’t always understand why one might not and vice versa so I am going to share the pros and the cons of a snow day.

If you like snow day you’re just like me. Staying inside all cozy not at school, looking at the pretty snow is the best. I am also a big fan of going out in the snow with friends and especially going sledding. Now if you are someone who frets snow days then maybe the next time you have a snow day off then try some of the things people who like snow days do to enjoy the time off in the snow. Try not to think of all the things you have to do like drive or anything like that. Of course, it’s good to be prepared in the snow but it’s also good to enjoy it. If you like being lazy on the weekends and relaxing then it’s even better in the snow. You can sit by the window in the comfort of your own home looking at the snow with a cup of hot cocoa. That’s always nice. Maybe if you just want to get out there meet up with some friends and walk in the snow or go sledding. If there is enough maybe you could even try to make an igloo. Now I know that a lot can happen in the snow and it can be stressful but it rarely snows here so I think when we do get the day off of school and work for snow we should just definitely enjoy it as much as you 


Now as fun and exiting a snow day is sometimes it can create problems and result in things that aren’t good making it so people can’t enjoy it. Sometimes the kids get a snow day but the parents don’t and just where the problems start. For instance, if this did happen to a family and the kids got off school but the parents didn’t that makes huge problems for the parents. First off the parents have to worry about getting to work safely in sometimes in cold weather cars have trouble starting in windshields in car windows are frozen over and covered in snow. Now that can all be fixed but parents might also have to worry about what their kids are going to do all day without an adult because sometimes parents just really can’t get off work. So they might have to pay or find someone to watch the kids and sometimes that’s just not an option for a family. Another thing people have to worry about in the snow is sometimes it creates power issues in the houses. Sometimes power lines freeze and then you could be out of heat or electricity to cook which is definitely not a good thing. Also sometimes you may not have enough food for however long you’ll be stuck in your house but you can’t go out in the snow. people also get very worried about having to drive in the snow, especially because they’re a lot of people out sometimes on certain roads. That can create a lot of traffic and sometimes there are crashes or people slide off roads which is very scary. Although it may seem nice at first to have a day off of school or a day off at work, but  when you get back to school you have to do so much Catch-up work which is not fun. Also, the school sometimes has to frantically figure out how they’re going to make up these days that have been missed. Like that one year where we no longer had a late start Wednesday that was the worst. Now maybe if you never understood why people didn’t like snow days snow in general maybe now you can understand.

For snow snow means fun and a day off but for others it doesn’t mean the same. But overall it depends on your experiences with snow and whether you like it or whether you think it’s a bad thing there’s no right or wrong answer because everybody has different experiences with snow. Someone might be having a really fun day off school at home enjoying the snow while someone else is trying to figure out how they’re going to get themselves to school or work in the snow. So it all depends on where you’re coming from. Personally, I love having a good snow day off but really whatever you have to do on a snowy day depends on whether it’s going to be a good or bad snow day. as we see some snow soon to come in our forecast sun will be hoping for snow some walked and I can’t wait to see what will happen and whether it snows or not.