Top Holiday Movies


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Joselyn Gonzalez, Writer

        ‘Tis the season for a great holiday movie selection! Having a nice hot chocolate with marshmallows, your favorite blanket, and some good snacks is definitely the move. There are so many good movies to choose from, but which ones are the best? There is definitely a great selection to choose from, but it depends on your own preference of genre. Here you will find the best movies for each type of specific genre your heart desires.

        To start off, we will be discussing some of the top Christmas comedies. Nothing is better than sitting with your loved ones or friends and laughing with pure joy. A comedy movie is a great way to make memorable memories that will last a lifetime. some great family-friendly movies are Elf (2003) and Home Alone (1990). Elf is about a baby named Buddy who is sent away with Santa in his sack so he ends up being raised by elves. As he grows older he is sent to find his birth father in New York, which creates a fun and entertaining adventure. Home Alone is centered around a kid who is forgotten when his family members leave for a Christmas vacation. Little Kevin is home alone but is soon interrupted by two home invaders and he’s left to protect himself and his house in the most hilarious way possible. There are many other hilarious comedy movies but these are the top favorites according to a large audience. 

         If you’re not feeling the comedy vibes then maybe try a different genre. For example, something to do with Romance. The holiday is known to be spent with loved ones, especially the person you might be in a relationship with. Watching a romantic movie with them will be a nice way to spend quality time or maybe you just feel like watching romantic movies alone along with eating some snacks. In this case, there are two critical movies to watch. That includes Love Actually (2003) and Last Christmas (2019). Both these movies had great reviews and Love Actually is a classic. It’s about different love stories and relationships that occur during the holiday season, it’s filled with loving stories that will cheer you up and bring joy. Last Christmas is a more modern romantic movie but will definitely entertain you. This romantic Christmas takes upon the life of Kate (played by Emilia Clarke), who is an average woman with a dream of becoming a singer who sometimes makes irrational decisions. She soon meets Tom, played by Henry Golding, and her life took a drastic turn, both of them become closer and little by little they fall in love. Both of these movies are great choices for a romantic Christmas movie.

        Other than joyful Christmas movies, you can also watch some horror Christmas movies. In the spirit of the holidays, mixing the Halloween stereotype with Christmas is a recipe for a great entertaining movie. Grab your blanket tightly because this is one of the best Christmas horror movies that is guaranteed to give you a good scare, and it’s one of my personal favorites; Krampus (2015). What makes this movie a great horror movie is twisted take of bringing fear into a joyful holiday. In this movie, a dysfunctional family tries to prepare for the holidays but things soon start to fall apart. Young Max soon starts to lose hope on Christmas and decided to stop believing in the spirit of Christmas. This soon awakens an ancient demonic creature to terrorize and punish the family for being non-believers. They will have to fight for each others’ lives if they decide they want to come out alive

        Moving on, some people prefer animated movies, which in this case is great because Christmas is one of the best holidays to find an animated movie related to. A top animated movie with a 95% on rotten tomatoes is The Nightmare Before Christmas (1993). This movie is loved by so many and it’s a great beautiful story that involves a “Pumpkin King” Jack who is tired of the Halloween traditions and soon is introduced to the Christmas holiday traditions. He’s so astonished by the holiday that he is eager to bring Christmas to Halloween Town. On the other hand, Oogie Boogie (the villain) does not agree with Jack’s plans, instead, he has other ideas

         All these movies are a great choice during this holiday season. Everything from comedy to horror, they are bound to give you a great time and cheer anyone up.