Why Music Helps Improve Mental Health

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(Image via Time)

Gwendolyn Woods, Writer

Listening to music can be entertaining, and it may even make you healthier. Listening to music can boost your mental health. Listening to music can influence your thoughts, feelings, and even your actions. Listening to music that hypes you up may make you feel ready for something challenging that you may be doing later on that day. And listening to music that moves you so much it brings you to tears. Music helps you realize deeper parts of yourself and helps you think a little harder.

Music can reduce stress or help you manage the stress you may be feeling. But the wrong music can promote unhelpful mental states. Pump-up music will help you feel happier and more confident instead of listening to sad music that may be promoting your sad feelings and overall making you feel more down. But during times when you are feeling overwhelmed or stressed out, music can help boost your mood. Music has often helped people get through hard times in their life and even help deal with depression. 

Music also brings people together. People listen to music with loved ones, friends, family, and music is often a big part of the culture. Dancing and having a good time listening to music make people have stronger connections. Music can help represent your relationship with someone and make you and the other [person involved have a deeper feeling. And if you are someone that has a hard time showing your emotions it may be easier to show them through the lyrics in the music. Listening to music with your best friends may be one of the best feelings in the world. And it tends to make others happier. 

Music can help you cope with the feelings you may have like sadness, depression, and anger. Just singing a song can help you feel more relieved. Personally, when I am sad or going through something I always go to listening to music and it helps me feel more calm and relieved. It also helps me realize what I may be feeling. When people have the feeling of sadness or being depressed they often feel alone. But music might help you relate to something. Sometimes music just touches you differently. It helps you express the emotion you are feeling. Whether it’s screaming your favorite song with your best or crying to a piece of music that relates to you on a deeper level.

 Music overall is very mentally good for you. It helps you deal with your emotions, deal with stress, and also helps you feel more connected with your loved ones. Often certain songs bring you back to a place of happiness, sadness, or remind you of a person you once loved or still do. Music is a way to show culture and also to express your emotions about people or things going on in your life. Music can remind you of a happier time, or give you hope that things will get better. Music often helps people get through or deal with sadness or depression they may be dealing with, it could also help people with anxiety relax during stressful times. Music has many ways that it helps your mental health, whether it is dealing with emotions, or just expressing them. Music is a way to communicate without actually saying what you are feeling with your own words. And I think that that is pretty magical.