Beautiful Places in Oregon That You Should Visit


(Image via Good Free Images)

Morgan Cottrill, Writer

Oregon is very beautiful and has many cool and pretty places to offer. Some places everyone goes and knows about  others are just as cool but not as many people know about them or haven’t gone. Some of these places I’m going to share with you, you may have been to or you may have heard or have not heard of them or been to them. Some of these places I love to go to and I personally think they are so cool and I hope you think so too. Maybe after you read this you might also want or desire to go visit them or learn something about our state or its cool sites.

One place that is so cool that I have been before is Thor’s Well. This is a sinkhole on the edge of the Oregon coast that has a stream of seawater that flows into it. Located in the Cape Perpetua Scenic Area, just three miles south of Yachats. At high tide, the water inside will bubble up until it will spray out the top in a violent matter. It is not dangerous of course, but it is very cool to see. If you plan your visit just right you can definitely find a time where you won’t miss this cool event. There are a lot of websites that you can look at as well to help plan a visit or learn more, a good website is

This will explain it a little more in detail and has amazing pictures. It can also give you more info and is  helpful if you find yourself now wanting to go to this cool Oregon wonder.

If you are less keen on somewhere along the coast then this next place may be more up your ally. We all know that Oregon is full of trees and that they are all pretty, but I don’t think you have ever seen trees like this before. At Boardman Tree Farm there is 25,000-acres land consist of thousands and thousands of hybrid poplar trees. The trees are neatly arranged in evenly spaced rows, and they are about the same size, same height, and same thickness. I have personally never been but based on the pictures I have seen it is so beautiful. The trees are beautiful colors and are arranged so perfectly that is is the most beautiful tree farm you will ever see. This farm is located in Morrow, county Oregon, along Interstate 84, 5 miles west of the I-82 junction. It is  pretty and cool to take pictures of especially in early fall when there are all sorts of cool colors in the leaves. If you want to learn more about how visits work or want to know more about what it’s like to visit this site; www.amusing They have lots of good info on when you can go, how to, and plenty of good pictures and info like that. 

Another more  cool place along the coast is Cobble beach in Newport. If you like big sandy beaches and not much else then this is not the beach for you. It is filled fill plenty of gardens and wildlife. As well as rocky places near the water. Like the name implies lots of pebbles and almost cobblestone like places to walk along the water. During low tide farther out to sea will be the more smooth almost cobblestone-like rocks that you can walk on that hide under the waves at high tide. During high tide, since most of the cobblestone part will be covered it turns more into a rocky beach. If walking on lots of rocks big and small is not something that sounds comfortable of fun to you this also may not be a good place for you to go. If you do happen to there will be a lot of that so be prepared. All the rocks make good places for tide pools to appear as well. So with kids, it’s a nice place to go because there are lots of things to look at. If this place caught your attention or you want to know more the is a good place to look more into it. You can find info on any questions such as the best times to come are or how it works can be found on the site. 

One place that my family and I love to go to is Fogarty beach. People also call is the hidden beach. It is located along highway 101 around the Depo Bay area. People refer to it as the hidden beach because it’s hard to find and if you are driving it would be hard to tell it’s even a beach. There are trees along the highway so you can’t see that the beaches are on the other side of the trees. You may miss the true to go into the parking lot because it is a little hard to notice. When you drive in there are big parking lots and  nice public bathrooms as well as places nearby to camp. They you walk to the beach there is a stream dividing the two paths to the beach. If you follow the left path you will have to cross through the stream to get to the other side of the beaches or the ocean part. The right path will lead straight to the beach and you can definitely till crossing through the stream if you want. If you want to see  Some really beautiful pictures of this are this is a great link to see some. That link will also give you some good info on the place and what it’s like. It is lots of fun and things to do and look at this beach. If more sandy beaches are your thing then you will like this beach.   

I hope that you will find some of these places cool or that they caught your attention. If you have been to any of these places already I hope they were cool or fun for you. I sure wish I could visit some of these places. If you would like to let me know what you thought about each one then definitely fill out this google form. Oregon’s beautiful places. If you did fill it out thanks for letting me know what you thought. Make sure to tell others about these cool places as well so we can all enjoy them.