Why Zodiac Signs Are Accurate


(Image via The Astrology Podcast)

Gwendolyn Woods, Writer

Astrology existed for hundreds and thousands of years. Only about 33% of people believe in horoscopes or astrology. Most people think that astrology isn’t accurate but if you have an open mind then you may find insights that you may not have found before. It also gives you the advice to be pushed in the right direction. It also helps you understand things about yourself that you already know. Most people believe that Zodiac signs aren’t accurate, but when it comes to people that I am surrounded with I have found that it is accurate and the people around me are similar to the aspects of their zodiac sign, which is interesting to think about.  

I have found that looking into my star, moon, and rising signs have made me more aware of who I am and what I might need to look out for throughout the day. It has also made me aware of what I need to work on, like some days I am having trouble socially or power in self and thinking, And overall I have found it helps me be more in touch with who I am and understand myself in different ways. 

Being in touch with yourself is important, knowing who you are as a person and accepting your flaws is something everyone has to learn at one point. And I think that zodiac signs help you with accepting the good and bad things about yourself. For example, I am a Leo. They are known to be arrogant and very impatient, but they are also loyal and very kind and supportive. I have found that I am also very impatient and arrogant at times but I also am kind and supportive, and even though being a Leo didn’t make me that way. It did help me accept that it’s okay to be impatient and arrogant at times as long as I am working on it and always trying to get better. If you start to look into your zodiac sign and astrology then you may find a deeper part of yourself that you wouldn’t have found otherwise. 

Of course, there are flaws within astrology and zodiac signs. But if you are really interested and want it to be very accurate then you should go to a professional. Apps and the internet aren’t always accurate so if you want it to go deeper and want to get to know different aspects of your mind then you should try and talk to someone who knows what they are talking about and studies Astrology. Overall astrology and the thought of zodiac signs is very cool and has a lot of different layers to it. Astrology is a very interesting concept and relates human characteristics to the world outside of the world. So maybe you don’t believe in astrology but maybe if you just try to have an open mind then you will find a deeper part of yourself that you didn’t even know were there.