Why Friendship is the Most Important Relationship


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Gwendolyn Woods, Writer

Friends, as we know, are the family you choose. Friends can be closer or just as close to you as your family. And usually, teens and adults trust their chosen friends more than family that they have. Everyone knows that having friendships are important, there is no doubt about that. But sometimes, especially in high school and when you are first having romantic interests, friends are still important to keep close. Because when you lose or break up with your significant other it is important to have those close friends to help you get back up from that break-up. 

Unlike family, friendships are solely joy based. Family bonds usually come with responsibility and expectations and friends are usually more understanding and trusted when it comes to personal problems. Friendships when they are really good, are more important than any relationship you may ever have in your life. It may even help you live longer. Like any relationship, friendship takes work and time, but if it is someone important to you you’ll do anything to keep that friendship healthy. 

Finding love is amazing, you see it in movies, books, TV shows, and you will probably experience it in your own life. But very often love falls apart, and friendships can last a very long time. You need to have a foundation, your circle, the people you know will pick you up after a bad breakup. Friendship is the foundation for every friendship, and that is why it is the most important. You can have friendship before love, but friendship isn’t possible after love.

Friendship doesn’t completely cure loneliness but it does help you get through it. They help us through our darkest times. We learn to accept the kindness given to us and also learn to reach out when you feel as though you need help. But when you go through a tough time without your friends it makes you realize how needed they are. But as you get older you find that not all friendships last but everyone brings something super special. Whether it’s memories, lessons, or just anything to look back on to make you feel the slightest bit of happiness and bittersweetness. But all you need is that one person, the one that understands you and knows you better than anyone else will. The person or maybe even people that will help you when you need it.

Friends overall improve the quality of life, the memories you make are something magical and magnificent. They fill your life with conversation, love, and support. When we succeed and when we get down they always support you and help you to reach your goal. Friends are the most important relationship you will have throughout your life, if it’s good it will fill your life with endless memories and support. Friends will help you put things into perspective and help you realize what you need in your life. Again, friends are the family you choose the people you need to help you keep going and overall have a higher worth of life.