How to Study For Your Permit Test

Jelani Dupon, Writer

Among basic needs, driving is a very important aspect of many people’s lives. We drive to work, school, or even to pick up children, which is why it’s important you know how to study for your permit test.

The first thing anyone should do when learning how to drive is to read the manual for their state. You can buy the manual or look it up online. You should become familiar with the manual before you start using study strategies. The manual for Oregon is 80 pages, and you will want to pick it up and read the most important information that will help you pass this test. Take it seriously, because if you don’t pass the test you have to wait at least 7 days to retake, and if you don’t pass it three times you have to wait 30 days for the next retake, so don’t rush to the next test if you don’t pass.

Once you study the manual you can start to use study strategies to make sure you have the information stuck in your brain. Find a study strategy that suits you, look up different study strategies and try some of them out to make a decision on which one fits you best. Whatever strategy works best for you should make up a lot of your time when studying. A great study strategy is also taking quizzes online. If you look up “Oregon permit quiz “ online, you can take a quiz that tests your knowledge and gives you a score of how well you did and you can see what areas you have to work on or if you’re ready to take a quiz. 

One of the biggest things that can affect you when you are prepared to pass a test is nerves. There is a lot of pressure on this test but it’s as much as it seems. Study as hard as you can but remember that you have multiple opportunities to pass it and you can even use this nervous feeling as motivation to do great on your test. If the nerves are getting to you, you can take deep breaths before and while you’re taking the test, and remind yourself that you know the answers and that you’ll be great and even if you don’t pass you have more chances. Get good sleep the night before and eat breakfast on the day of the test. Scientists proved that students that get better sleep have more brain activity, and remember more, and with this, they do better on quizzes. It’s the same for this test, you want to have optimal brain activity and awareness so you can do better on your test. 

You will get what you put into getting your permit. If you study, work hard and have a good attitude about getting your permit you will make it there, if you don’t give it too much attention and give poor effort you will get a poor outcome. Remember to study hard, give it 100%, and don’t be afraid to mess up a couple of times, and the results you want will come to you.