Does High School Prepare Us Enough? Yes.

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Joslynn Fettig and Gwendolyn Woods

Do you really think that high school properly prepares us students for what the future has in store for us? A common topic amongst students lately has been whether or not it does prepare us enough for our adult lives. We have asked around the high school for other opinions and there have been many outlooks on this topic. This article goes over the reasons why high school does prepare us enough to jump into our new lives. Classes including English, Math, History, and even electives like Culinary can be important and help prepare you for your life after high school. School also teaches us responsibility and teaches people how to deal with conflict like an adult in their daily life. It also socially prepares you to make connections with people after high school is finished. 

People in school often feel as though classes like Math, English, History, and even different clubs and electives are useless in their adult life. But some students have expressed that these subjects are very important. Electives are also very important to get to know more about different things you are interested in. For example, Culinary helps you learn how to cook which will be very helpful in your daily life and will help you become more independent. English helps you with things including vocabulary and grammar which are both needed in your everyday life. Math also helps you with some financial situations that people may experience throughout their adult life. People have also explained that History is important because you learn the mistakes that society has made in the past. One of our peers stated, “We need history class to learn what went wrong in the past to improve our future.”    

School also helps you socially, especially if you get involved with school events. It helps you connect with people through sports, clubs, and other extracurricular activities. It allows you to meet people who have similar interests as you. School also teaches you responsibility and how to get things done. Doing homework and other school assignments teach you to be organized and hold you accountable to do the work you’ve been given. School also helps you learn how to deal with conflict which is something everyone has to learn throughout their life with experience. Overall, school helps you a lot with social traits that you can use throughout your life. Going to high school also prepares you to choose what you want to do and helps ease you into college, and college helps you achieve your goals. 

Education is an important factor in everyone’s life. School is important socially and mentally. Throughout your life, you will use the things you learned in school not only in subjects like Math and English but also in extracurricular activities. You also get taught social skills and make connections with people while also dealing with conflict. There may be some flaws in the school system, but it has its pros. Some of our peers have conveyed that they believe school is significant to prepare us in our independent, new adult life. They believe this because it prepares us socially and mentally and it also teaches us responsibility skills.