The Good Side of Social Media


(Image via Marketing Land)

Matthew Lowther, Writer

Social media, is it a blessing or a curse? Recently social media has been on the hot seat of how damaging it was to people, more specifically, teenagers. As social media grows and gets more advanced so does the number of people who spend more time on it. Some people might say that this is bad for your health and that people should not keep these with them all the time, but is that true? I believe that social media isn’t as bad as people say it is, and maybe it’s even improving society. 

What it is mostly used for, of course, social media connects people, and although people can talk the old fashioned way that’s not the only way we should be able to. As we get into this new age of technology people think that we should just stay in the past and keep doing what we’ve been doing before, but that’s not necessarily the best thing for us. Even if we want it to, technology and how far we’ve come with can not go back, but that’s not a bad thing, we’ll just need to adjust to it.

With how common it is for people to move, some people depend on social media for all of their communication. In many cases, people aren’t able to go and talk face to face so they need things like skype, snapchat, and discord. People could even meet from online dating. Without types of social media, many people’s relationships will fall apart and there will be very few chances for them to keep connected from long distance. As it grows, more people can stay in touch longer, and it also helps people meet too.

Social media has a lot of personal uses but it also has many public uses, and many companies and even schools connect to people using social media. This can be very helpful in letting people know about special events, to make announcements that everyone needs to hear, or other information they need to know. Without this type of communication, it would be much harder to do things like make a company aware of a defect in their product, inform a school about the themes at games, or even to donate to PETA. With company outreach this mainstream it would be irrational thinking to see this as a bad thing, and even though there is the occasional slip up here or there the direct problem isn’t the social connection.

Social media isn’t just a fun thing to do when you’re bored, but it’s something that can and does help almost all of society. Although social media does have a few cons it has more pros than it gets credit, since, as times change so do standards of communication but that can be a good thing. Social media doesn’t deserve all the hate it gets and maybe it even should be honored a bit more than it is right now. Social media helps us connect and is bringing us all together.