The Underappreciation of Special Needs Students


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Jennifer Campos Olvera, Writer

The underappreciation of special needs students is still very common. Many have been hardly disciplined and been excluded from the other students due to many of the distractions that they may cause. Many students have a learning disability and aren’t even diagnosed and may get confused as well as teachers and may not know how to react or interact with them. There have been some cases where students with special needs are causing a big disruption to some teachers which leads to having that student to be separated from the other students. This shouldn’t happen and people should be more patient and realize that they are different and they can’t do anything about it.  Students, as well as teachers, should educate themselves on how to find an appropriate way for the whole class to learn together. 

There is a big rate of mistreatment like separating them from classes, not involving them in any sports, some have even handcuffed them to their seats because they are extremely hyperactive and can move around a lot during class which may cause a distraction to the other students. Everyone should learn and understand that just because they’re different, that doesn’t mean they should get mistreated or ridiculed in front of everyone. Everyone should understand that it’s hard to learn when you aren’t getting taught in a way that works for you. Students should be more inclusive and more helping because there is only one teacher and 30+ students in a class.  They should start to care about this mistreatment and be more helpful to those who can’t ask for help themselves

There are many ways to teach a student with a learning disability or someone who has ADHD or some other kind of struggle. Some of the things that teachers can do according to  Special Needs,  is maintain an organized classroom, break down instructions into more manageable tasks, and reward them for things they can correct themselves. Keeping an organized place can be less of a distraction to students. Breaking down some of the instructions can help them complete the tasks faster, since they require some form of assistance with the task at hand, and may struggle when they are given long instructions. Teaching them in this environment can help the students make new habits and will hopefully help them understand the way the classroom works. Making them do a routine can also be very helpful because eventually, they’ll learn it, which can be beneficial to the special needs students. Teachers should reward students when they’ve achieved things by themselves without help so they feel some kind of motivation to complete even more things by themselves.

Everyone should be more appreciative of special needs students and be more helpful to them as well. Being around new people every day is fun and you should be grateful that you can be around special needs students. They are humans that are constantly getting put to the side which should change. There needs to be a change in society and around the whole world because no one deserves to be treated poorly. Everyone is human but we all have different issues. People should start to put the issues to the side and put the person first.