The Anguished Man

(Image via Dread Central)

(Image via Dread Central)

Luis Martinez, Writer

The Anguished Man is supposedly a haunted painting. This painting is currently owned by Sean Robinson, given to him by his grandmother, having the belief of the painting as being cursed. It is not known who painted the painting, but it is said it was painted by a mentally unhealthy man. We’re told this man used his own blood for the painting and later committed suicide.

The grandmother who had the painting claimed she would see the figure of a man followed by the sounds of both crying, whispers, and crying. Sean now claims other members of the family have seen the figure too. He has 9 videos online in which he only gives attention to the painting.


Sean’s most popular video is an update of the anguished man. In this video, you see activity of the unusual. During the intro of the video, he leaves the camera recording for 8 hours and captures noises. After that, things get a bit more unusual, the door is soon caught closing while other things that aren’t seen in the video are falling. However, after Sean awoke, he claimed nothing was disturbed or moved. The video comes to an end, and viewers are told the painting is locked away upstairs. We’re told Sean’s wife felt someone stroke her hair while in the bathroom, and Sean himself saw a strange mist suddenly disappear from upstairs.


The video after that shows the same thing, a camera watching over the painting for 7 hours. The video catches multiple lights near the painting, and the video ends. Viewers are then told Sean’s son fell down the stairs. It seems normal and not much of a big problem, but his son said he was pushed by someone.


The next video doesn’t have much of an explanation other than having the camera recording for a while. In the video, you will see a white figure move quickly in front of the camera, Sean slows it down and shows what is caught.


He then uploaded another video, however, this one is much shorter than all the others, it only lasts 33 seconds but it does capture something somewhat strange. Sean recorded for 3 nights and filmed the painting falling flat.


After uploading once more, he does the usual and records for a long while. Smoke was then caught on video and Sean explains there could be no possible way for that to happen. He stopped uploading for years and gives an update in 2016.


Sean has currently stopped recording and uploading and has kept the painting in his basement. I admit, the painting has a strange and terrifying history, but that is why I love the painting. The man who painted the piece was presented with the emotion he felt, and I feel that’s honorable.

Sean’s intentions with the painting are not known, but he’s made it clear he wouldn’t sell the painting. We haven’t gotten any updates for about a year, but it’s an interesting story and I feel it is definitely worth the listen.