Personal: All or Nothing This Saturday


(Image Via Sports Logos)

Jacob Kolb, Sports Editor

Usually, I am writing articles on rules and regulations of sports games, but an opportunity has come up in my life recently and I have every intention of taking that opportunity for the better. This Saturday, (4/13/19) I will be applying for a job. It isn’t one of the common jobs here in town like a fast food chain or a retail store, but rather a job out in Hillsboro for a chance to work for the Hillsboro Hops. This is the first job that I’ve ever applied for. I must keep in mind that this is an opportunity, not a guarantee. For me to be able to seize this opportunity, I will show my academic successes, my volunteer hours, character, and my interest in taking on the job.


Now with the understanding that the job is out in Hillsboro, you may be asking yourself, “How did you find out that the Hillsboro Hops needed employees since they are in Hillsboro and you are in Forest Grove?” With that question in the air, let me give a backstory on how I figured out the Hillsboro Hops needed workers.


So the day of the career expo, I was sitting in advisory during the small time period we had there before we left to visit the guest speakers informing us on what their jobs were. Now during advisory, I was sitting there thinking to myself, “Well, I know I need to go to the career expo in the middle of all this, but what two panels do I want to visit?” The first one I figured I’d visit was the sports marketing panel and then after the career expo, I’d visit the business panel (business panel not relevant but I’d figure I’d mention it anyway). So when I went to the sports marketing panel I sat and paid attention to the guest speakers. After about five seconds of sitting down, I noticed a guest speaker that was there on the behalf of the Hillsboro Hops. So I was filling out the job shadow paper while I was listening to her explain the jobs at the Hillsboro Hops. I thought what she said was really cool and it interested me into wanting to become a Hillsboro Hops future employee. If I thought that what I just witnessed about the Hillsboro Hops was cool, (I did) the greatness was only getting started. After I left the sports marketing panel, it was time to go to the career expo. During the career expo, I walked around the gym confused about where I wanted to begin. So I figured I’d listen to the construction guy and what his job was on. After I finished listening to the construction guy, I went to the WOU college table and listened about the jobs within the school. Right after that table, I was back at stage one, thinking “Where should I go next?” Then out of the corner of my right eye, I saw a table for the Hillsboro Hops. The best thing was no one else was around at the time. So I walked up to that table and met the owner. His name is Ryan and he was happy to meet me. The next thing he said though was the best thing I heard all day, that being, “Are you looking for a summer job?” I looked at him with excitement and said, “Yeah.” So he handed me an informational paper saying that there would be an interview session from 11a.m.-2p.m. at Ron Tonkin Field. After I left with excitement and happiness.

As happy as I was about the job interview, the worst two possible questions came to mind, those being, “What will my parents think? Will my parents let me have a chance at this opportunity?” So I texted my mom and dad to find out what they thought. To my surprise, both of them liked the idea that I wanted to go out for a summer job. Now if I get this summer job, I will make my parents proud of me as well as everyone around me, but if I fail on Saturday, I get nothing and this whole thought was a lost cause, to begin with. That is why this is an all or nothing opportunity (wish me luck), and I plan to seize it at all costs.


Note- The results of Saturday will be the next article