The Phoenix Lights Theory


Jennifer Campos Olvera, Writer

On the day of March 13th, 1997, many U.S citizens reported to the police that there were some strange lights that formed a V-shape formation. Many were concerned by the fact that there were mysterious lights in the sky, but were really silent and that they weren’t sure whether it was an aircraft or not. Many have been wondering whether it was an aircraft by the government or a UFO. There were over 700 witnesses, and calls were coming into the National UFO Reporting Center were all saying that they had seen “a cluster of red and orange lights making a V-shaped formation.” After many were confused about what they had seen and chose to believe that the lights were a part of an aircraft that was really silent. Also, the “aircraft” was not shown on any radar, even though many people were seeing it with their own eyes. To this day, many have not been able to find an explanation that could be convincing enough to be able to eliminate the possibility of extraterrestrial life.

The Phoenix lights were something that made many people doubt the government. Many have chosen to believe that the lights were an aircraft from the government but some chose to believe that it was a UFO. Not many chose to believe this because at the time of the sightings there were no airplanes or aircrafts showing up in the radars so it made a lot of people wonder what that “aircraft” had actually been. There were not many things supporting the theory of whether it was an aircraft. Also, there were not many things supporting whether it was   UFO since not much evidence was shown other then the “aircraft” being silent and being shaped like a V.

Many chose to believe that the lights were flares but after 3 years after the sightings, the national guard decided to try to mimic the lights formation to see if they would actually form into a v-shape. They didn’t succeed, so they made people think about it more and had created more theories of what type of aircraft it would be or if it was possibly a UFO. There have been many theories and possible explanations that throughout the years have been made but no one has found enough evidence to prove their point and to this day the phoenix lights have been a mystery.

The Phoenix lights have been something that has gotten many people thinking about whether extraterrestrial life exists or if the Phoenix lights have a logical explanation. However, no one has proven anything with a logical explanation and no one has given an explanation strong enough to prove the lights were possibly a UFO. Many have tried to find an explanation for the Phoenix lights, but, to this day, no one has found a good explanation supported with more than enough evidence. Some have really put enough thought to the point where they can’t find the right explanation and that just leaves people with less hope of ever finding the perfect explanation. At this point, people have even come to the conclusion that it will remain unsolved and that there is no possible explanation for the Phoenix lights.