Valentines Day


Hailey Yon and Sierra Mejia

Valentine’s Day is a romantic holiday for couples everywhere. It occurs every year on February 14th. Love is spread generously throughout the day followed by couples sharing their affection with one another, and giving gifts. Valentine’s day is celebrated all over the world in many different ways. Valentine’s Day isn’t just for couples but can be used to show admiration for your friends, family, and anyone else you might love.

Valentine’s Day means many things to many different people. Valentine’s Day shares deep intimacy and gives time for couples to spend the day with each other. It also is expected to be associated with hearts, sweets, flowers, and romance or for the swap of cards known as “valentines” to express love people have for one another.


Valentine’s Day is celebrated in many places all around the world. As in China, they celebrate it by romantic gift exchanges and special spontaneous dates. Yet, China doesn’t call it Valentine’s Day, for them it’s known as “Qixi Festival” which means “The night of the seven”, which takes place in early August on the seventh lunar month. This tradition has been looked back on an old ancestral story that has passed down generations and generations. On the other hand, Argentina’s traditions celebrate Valentine’s Day in two ways. They celebrate Valentine’s day the 14th of February but in addition,  take a week in July called “sweetness week” that is similar to Valentine’s Day that includes the same traditions and exchanges with one another. Lots of people have different ways they celebrate Valentine’s Day but it’s important to realize everyone takes this day to spread love to make everyone feel happy, untroubled, and carefree at the end of the day.

On Valentine’s Day, there are many things that you can do to express your feelings for your significant other. One thing you can do is cook dinner together or bake sweet treats. Cooking dinner together is way cheaper than going out to a restaurant. You will also have a great time laughing and enjoying each other’s company. Couples can also watch a movie together. Watching movies or playing games is another fun thing to do on Valentine’s Day. Having a game night can be fun because you’ll have lots of laughs trying to compete against one another.

Valentine’s Day is an incredible holiday because it is a chance for you to spread your love and create strong connections with your loved ones. The meaning of Valentine’s Day is interpreted in many different ways but I’m sure we can all agree that love is the thought in everyone’s mind. Around the world, people celebrate Valentine’s day at different times and may have other traditions. Yet, they all commonly share the goal to give happiness to the person that has a place in their heart. Lots of people struggle and may stress over what to do to show someone they love them or just express their feelings in general. It doesn’t have to be a big gift or something expensive — spending time with the one person you love is a great gift to show that you are willing to give up the time you have to spend it with them. Spreading love is the most generous thing we can do in the world because it brings, happiness, joy, and an overflowing amount of compassion.