Cookie Decorating at the Pink Spoon



Taylor LaMonica, Writer

The beginning:

The Pink Spoon opened their doors to Forest Grove in late July. It was a very long process to get these doors open, through all of the setbacks but the Pink Spoon pulled through and got them open. Not only is The Pink Spoon a self-serve frozen yogurt shop but they are very well known is this wonderful community. They have had many community events like the giving tree, letters to Santa, free yogurt for veterans, breast cancer awareness day and even a community cookie decorating day! The events are all open to the community and help them in so many ways, like The giving tree. It was full of tags of older people who don’t have family of visitors at the Forest Grove rehab. The owner, Stacey Parker told me that she didn’t want to give more kids toys when they already get a lot around this time of year but give the people who don’t get anything something. All of the tags were gone in the matter of a few days thanks to the wonderful community Forest Grove has!

Decorating time!

There was an okay turn out to the cookie decorating event at The Pink Spoon! This event was held Tuesday, December 18th, from 12 – 7 pm. There were over 350 sugar cookies that we made, and we also got to make the homemade frosting ourselves. There was a small table set up in the front of the shop with a variety of sprinkles and colored frosting pipes that kids could stand around to decorate. I was working during the event that day and not many people showed up in the few hours I was there. But with Christmas music in the background, I got to see the kids’ faces light up when we handed them the cookies. We had originally planned to give the Forest Grove fire department a box of cookies as a thank you for all their hard work, but with the abundant amount of cookies left we frosted around 200 cookies for the Police department as well!