French Woman Jailed For Paris Attack Fraud

On November 13th, 2015, terrorists attacked the city of Paris, located in France. Over 130 people died during the attacks, including both victims and perpetrators. Other countries were quick to support the grieving country afterward, and foundations were made to support the victims of the tragic event. Among those heavily involved in charities and support groups was a 32-year-old woman claiming to be a victim of the attacks.

Alexandra Damien used photographs of other wounded victims as her evidence, stating that she had been shot in the elbow and thumb. She also claimed that two of her friends were killed by gunmen. By sharing her experience and spreading the word about the tragic attack, she had pocketed about 20,000 euros from funds and donations to victims during the aftermath.

Damien was under suspicion since she began sharing her story, and was eventually arrested when it was discovered that she faked being a victim. The truth came out to be that Damien planned to go to Le Carillon bar, which was also targeted by terrorists, but changed her plans and avoided the attack. She gave a teary apology during her trial and is to serve 6 months in prison for fraud.