Star Trek’s Planet Vulcan Has Been Found

Astronomers have found a planet a lot like planet Vulcan from Star Trek. It is orbiting a star in a system only 16 light-years from earth. This was the first super-earth detected by the Dharma Planet survey and Dharma Endowment Foundation telescope. The massive telescope, which is 50-inches, is sitting on top of Mt. Lemmon in Southern Arizona. What is most shocking and important about this discovery is that the planet is close enough to the star that it could be habitable. The star is a lot like earth’s star. It’s a bit smaller but has a very, very similar magnetic cycle. With all this being said, Tennessee State University astronomer and study author Matthew Muterspaugh said: “HD 26965 may be an ideal host star for an advanced civilization”. In the making of the series of Star Trek they actually used that store as a reference, but they named it 40 Eridan A. The astronomers are continuing to discover planets and stars similar to earth and earth’s star. Unfortunately, another planet has been located where they presumed Vulcan would be at. But still, these astronomers think very strongly that Vulcan is a perfect match for the star HD 26965. The astronomers involved in the discovery say this is only the beginning and that they expect more discoveries like this one.