Smells Like 90’s Nostalgia

It’s no doubt the 90’s were an influential decade for the music industry that still reaps nostalgia today. From the guitar heavy, boisterous rock anthems, our modern society has been imprinted from these iconic soundtracks. The band Nirvana has been a focal point for all of this inspiration and will continue to influence our modern society. The 90’s were full of popular rock bands, however, Nirvana took the lead for the biggest punk group of the time.


Simplicity is the new glam

  Oversized and vintage anything is considered gold in our current style realm. This whole trend can thank some of the biggest rock stars in 90’s history, one of the biggest idols being Kurt Cobain, lead singer and guitar player of Nirvana. Nirvana swept the music charts in the late 80’s and early 90’s and is still worshiped to this day. Cobain was known for his oversized jackets and flannels, which would usually always be paired with either a plain shirt or a vintage gem repping his favorite brands or bands. Simplicity was the new glam for the 90’s, and that belief has been carried out into the 2000’s and is still one of the hottest trends. Completely flipping a 180 from the straightforward, plain fad, one of Cobain’s trademarks was oversized, oval shaped sunglasses. This unusual accessory has been obtained by many rappers in today’s game, and are better known now as “clout goggles”. These glasses are worn by many and are considered a staple to countless wardrobes.

Kurt Cobain rocking his iconic Clout Goggles


Teen angst, an epidemic

 Teen angst is something that seems to affect many kids in their late years, yet they all feel as if they’re the only one going through this dilemma. Whilst in the years of angst, teens will look for idols that can relate to their hardships. Nirvana was a focal point for this sensitivity. Juvenile fans felt as if this band could ultimately understand their heartbreak and depression, and while listening to the gritty lyrics of Nirvana, they connected with a sense of acceptance from these three grunge icons. To some, Nirvana may only consist of a few band members, however, to others Nirvana is the closest to God it gets.


Grunge, the “hipster” of the 90’s

 Before tattered clothes and greasy hair, the only idols known were ones that wore shoulder pads, bold prints, and blue eyeshadow. Nirvana was one of the first bands to romanticize the casual, rock-esque vibe. Because this had never been seen before, followers of Nirvana got a kick out of it. The punk scene turned into a revolution called “grunge”. This revolt consisted mainly of teenagers and young adults that felt the need to rebel against societies terms of “normal”. The appearance of grunge mainly started as the “outcasts” wanting to make a statement, thus putting on the look and lifestyle of “grunge”; ripped clothes and a lit cigarette as a sidekick. It then traveled into the early 2000’s consisting mainly of black skinny jeans, mini skirts, and black tights. Following into the early 2010’s the so titled “grunge”, turned into a fad called “soft grunge”. This trend engulfed many teenagers once again and turned into the hottest fashion of the time. The grunge statement is an ever-living trend that is always evolving.


Kurt Cobain, and his comrade, a cigarette

Nirvana’s lifestyle has created this constant trend from the decades past and for the decades to come. They will forever be a trendsetter, no matter the time passed.