Red Flags of Toxic Relationships

Have you ever been in a friendship or relationship where your friend is constantly putting you down or when they are constantly making you feel bad about yourself? Many people never think about the fact that they could be in a toxic friendship or relationship. Have you ever wondered if your friendship or relationship is toxic? Well first, let me explain how you can tell that you’re in a toxic friendship.

There are many ways that you can tell your friendship is toxic. One way to tell is when they don’t like your other friends or if they are hurtful. They can be hurtful by trying to change you, making you feel bad about yourself, or by losing their temper easily and taking it out on you. Another way you can tell that you are in a toxic friendship if they try to take up a lot of your time. I asked a couple people what they think a toxic friendship is. One person said,” A toxic friendship is when your friend is being a bad influence on you and when they are constantly involving you in drama.” Toxic friendships are kind of similar to toxic relationships.

Toxic relationships include many definitions and signs. One sign is when they don’t let you hang out with other people. Another sign is when you and your significant other have a lack of forgiveness. Lastly, you can tell that you are in a toxic relationship is when you avoid each other. I asked two more people what they think a toxic relationship is. Coming from person number one’s perspective,” A toxic relationship is when the significant other refuses to communicate when there is something wrong.” Coming from person number two’s perspective,” A toxic relationship is when couples have trust issues. For example, when they look through each other’s social media and/or text message.” Trying to help get your friend out of a toxic friendship/relationship is very important for various reasons.

It is very important to try and help get your friend out of a toxic relationship. There are many reasons why you should help get your friend out of a toxic relationship/friendship. Your friend could be getting rumors spread around about them that aren’t true. They could also be in a physically abusive relationship and could be getting seriously hurt. These are bad situations that need to be resolved because they could be seriously getting hurt physically or mentally. One way that you can help is by informing an adult. This can help because can give the adult power to make a change. Another way you can help is by providing your friend with local programs so they can give them guidance.  

Toxic friendships and relationships can affect you emotionally and physically. It can have a major impact on your personality or your state of being. It doesn’t matter if you love your significant other or best friend, you should still try to find help. Even if you don’t think your friendships and relationships are toxic, you should still make an attempt to try and fix the situation.