Beauty Guru Profiles: James Charles


Haven’t you ever wondered how some of the most popular beauty gurus got famous and what were they like before they got famous? Well, you’re in luck because this series has all the tea, the beauty trends, what’s hot, and of course, the background information on current beauty gurus.


James Charles

James Charles is a beauty guru and a makeup artist. His Youtube channel has over 8 million subscribers and has collabed with Jeffree Star, Nikkietutorials and many other popular makeup artists. Did you know that James Charles isn’t his real name? James’ full name is James Charles Dickinson. He decided to cut off his very last name so people only knew his first last name. He cut his last name due to multiple comments he got at school. James was born on May 23, 1999. He was born in Bethlehem, New York. James attends Bethlehem Central High School. James started out with vine at first which didn’t work out for him, so he decided to start a beauty channel on the Youtube website. When James was 17, he became the first male spokesmodel for CoverGirl, a cosmetics brand. James also has a younger brother named Ian Dickinson, who also does some videos with him.


James’ Past

Before James became popular, he used to be into art. James didn’t have a passion for art but when he applied for beauty school, he styled hair. Simultaneously, he got into using vine. Originally there were a bunch of cringey vines from when he was young. Nevertheless, he still managed to get to the top. James would mostly practice makeup on other people. Once James was committed to being a makeup artist, his parents helped him transform the basement into a makeup studio. If you want to watch James do some tutorials on makeup looks then visit his youtube at