Put a Good Dip In

Food Bacchanalia

Lots of pop culture within our society in 2018 relates to the satisfying qualities of everyday things. In this case, food has taken the spotlight. Food has been a profession, obsession, and collection of great art and satisfying properties. The Food Bacchanalia series is dedicated to isolating the “foodie” trends and analyzing them to their delicious core. Here are their stories *noise of banging a beet on the countertop twice, imitating the sound after the introduction of Law and Order: Special Cases*


Within the foodie community, the appeal to dip foodstuffs has become a gripping fascination. The most common versions of media for these dippings are how-to videos of battered or dressed finger foods and the gifs of foodie Instagrammers that ogle over the satisfying look of dripping sauces. Speaking of sauces, the dipping materials used in these videos vary in numerous combinations. Delicate, herbaceous, and savory dressings used to liven up the most basic chicken strips will take you to another world. Or maybe the velvety, rich, and luscious cups of expensive chocolate and cream, available for cinnamon-fried churros to take a swan dive into, will make you want to drift into a comfortable slumber. The spectrum of flavors and presentations can bring any type of foodie into a world of wonder.

Those who are savvy enough to seek out these wonderful dipping sauces flock to fondue restaurants or the occasional buffet line (those fountains aren’t there for nothing). They partake in both the savory or sweet, the saucy or soupy, the hot or cold dips that bring more color and flavor to homemade breads, homegrown fruits and veggies, and the unusual splurge of processed foods. Regardless of what is dipped, the act of doing so is what catches the public’s eye. Maybe it’s the good dip action being put in the video that places the tasteful flavor into it


Cinnamon Churros with Green & Black's Organic Chocolate Dipping Sauces