Tash Sultana and her Climbing Success


What to do before listening to a Tash Sultana song: sit back, relax and enjoy the wild ride. From hip-hop and techno inspired tunes, to old, folk-esque songs, Sultana has got it covered.

The 23-year-old Australian singer and songwriter arose in mid-2016 when her song “Jungle” was uploaded on Youtube in early May. Previously, she had a few posts displaying her talent with original songs, however, Jungle is what really took the lead, and stole the show. Beginning her musician lifestyle at only 3 years old with her first guitar. Sultana is continually growing and developing her sound, always embracing new ideas that come to her mind.

Tash Sultana performing live at her first U.S festival

Who is Tash Sultana?

Tash Sultana is one girl with a whole lot of talent. Sultana’s music capabilities pile up. Her main skills shown are singing, songwriting, guitar tapping, beatboxing, and guitar looping. Sultana’s songs, simply put, are all of her hard work, thoughts, passion, and feelings put into one. Passionate is the main word that truly captures this musician’s work ethic. The listener will always be pleasantly surprised with what’s next in Sultana’s sound.

Where she was before fame

Before Tash Sultana was the raging rock star she is today, she was apart of a small, Melbourne local band, Mindpilot. Being the main vocalist of Mindpilot, they won many Battle of the Bands in Australia. With this band starting in 2008, their time together ended in 2012. Through Sultana’s days with Mindpilot, she suffered heavily from drug addiction. It’s been made apparent that every drug was used, with the exception of heroin. At just the age of 17, Sultana started her long, strenuous recovery to gain independence from her labeled addiction. It was towards the end of her recovery that she started to busk in the streets of Melbourne (unable to obtain a job), which then led to her postings of Youtube videos from a GoPro gifted to her from her mom. Because of her videos, she has gained a following by the thousands, ultimately bringing her to where she is now.

Where she is now

In current times, Sultana has just dropped her first full album, “Flow State”, compiling 13 pieces of finished work. An “intro”, and “outro” are included in this, as well as 11 other songs. “Free mind” takes the lead with a little over 300 thousand views on Youtube, and over a million streams on Spotify. It’s no wonder this pop-esque song was one of my instant favorites. This modern album consists of many genres and styles of music in one, guaranteeing everyone will be able to find at least one song they enjoy.

Overall, Tash Sultana is an overnight internet star and is continually growing and acquiring new listeners as the minutes sweep by. Sultana is all about gaining a new sound and pleasing the listener’s ear. She is, and will forever be a breath of fresh air to the music industry.