How-to Get Your Parents to Say Yes


(Image Via Medium)

Micaela Gaither, Writer

We’ve all wanted something from our parents, whether it’d be candy, money or a puppy. Often we get a direct, quick, and heartless “no”. You try puppy dog eyes, pleading, begging. You even try the old-school tantrum, we all love a good tantrum. But they look you dead in the eyes and say “no”.  It’s often for the best, but it’s still devastating.



 Never approach your parents asking for something in a demanding and greedy tone. They will be even more likely to shut you down. So, instead, plan out how you will ask without demand or greed. Use gratitude and appreciation. Words like I appreciate what you do, and acknowledging that they work harder than you and you don’t necessarily deserve what you are asking for, will further influence their decision in your favor.



 If you really want something from your parents’ sacrifices may need to be made. If you have chores around the house, this might be more difficult for you, but it could still come in handy. Volunteering to do something that is out of your routine in exchange for something from your parents, can be quite useful to your battle to winning what you want. Simply saying, “if I clean the kitchen, can I have. . .” you may be granted what you want. Parents love it when their kids take work off their shoulders and help make their lives easier.


Appearances Pt.1:

  Before you ask your parents for what you want, make them look good. When you are out in public with your parents, be well behaved, represent your parents, and compliment your parents through conversations with others. Butter them up, and then ask for what you want. Use your manners when asking, and after you had buttered them up they will be more inclined to say yes.


Appearances Pt.2:

 Making your parents look good is apart of the process, but you have to make yourself look good too. When you don’t get your way, be mature about your rejection. Under no circumstances should you walk away pouting, that won’t help your case. That could lead to your parents believing you are spoiled and think you believe you deserve to always get your way, and that could lead you getting “no” more often. Also if your siblings are complaining about not getting their way and you just accept the “no”, your parents will notice and take that into account the next time you ask for something.



 Emotions can be one of two things. First would be checking your parents’ moods. It would be unwise to ask your parents for something when they are upset or stressed out about something. Ask them when they are in a good mood. What mood your parents are in is everything. Second, acting truly devastated about the “no” and playing your emotions on high can make your parents rethink their decision. Your parents don’t want you to be upset, they want their kids to be happy contrary to what you think.


 There are so many ways to try and convince your parents to say yes, these are just touching the surface. These might be the ticket to getting that new phone or that book you really want. Or they could fail epically. Typically the trick to getting your parents to say yes is simply saying what they want to hear. Sometimes there is no way to get them to say yes, and maybe that’s for the best. Appreciate your parents, they want to keep you safe and make your life better. It can be hard to acknowledge that they are right when you truly want something, so go on crying out how unfair life. Have fun trying to manipulate your parents into saying yes.