Artist Profile: Louis Tomilson


Image via Youtube

Amaiya Groshong

Louis Tomlinson, although known for being in the famous boyband One Direction, is much more than a boy band singer. Tomlinson released a few singles here and there after the band had announced their “hiatus” but he made his album debut in 2020 with “Walls.” Since then, Tomlinson has done Livestream shows and gone on tour, and has announced his upcoming album, “Faith in the Future.” With his last album and upcoming album, Louis Tomlinson has expressed his individual music style apart from the One Direction pop sound, astounding one direction fans, and new fans of his own. 

Louis Tomlinson not only sang in One Direction but was also a songwriter on many of the band’s albums, so it’s no surprise that fans are talking about his songwriting skills in his music. The first couple of singles that Tomlinson released after the band hiatus were more in the One Direction pop sound, with collaborations like pop singer Bebe Rexha and DJ Steve Aoki. But his album “Walls” gave him a departure from the pop sound that he is associated with. His 2020 album was classified as more of an indie rock album with a couple of pop-sounding songs. Some of the more indie-rock songs are “Kill my mind” and “Walls” and some of the pop-sounding songs are “Always You” and “We made it.”

Louis Tomlinson’s approaching album “Faith in the Future” is announced to be released on November 11th, with two singles already out. Along with the release date being announced, the track list was also announced. The album contains 14 tracks, “Out of my system” and “Bigger than me” has already been released but fans are waiting excitedly for the release of another single. Although this is his second album, Tomlinson expresses how this album really showcases himself as an artist, and how his first album was really him developing and experimenting. “A lot of people, when they’re first starting out, they develop in the background, trying different things, But obviously, I had to do that a little bit more publicly. So I’m relieved to have an album that I’m really proud of,” he told Rollingstone. From the two singles that have been released, it is thought that this new album will be more inspired by rock and less pop, further establishing himself as a separate artist from One Direction.

On top of the album release, there is speculation that Tomlinson will go on tour again in America. His last tour in America ended around September 3rd, He then moved on to his tours in Europe, and has announced more tour dates for October and November 2023. Fans of Tomlinson have also been asking for another Livestream show, proving the first Livestream successful. That’s not the only thing proving that Livestream was successful though, Louis Tomlinson was able to break records with this online concert. The UK record he broke was “the most tickets sold for a live-streamed concert by a solo male artist (current year)” according to Guinness World records. He was able to sell 160,000 worldwide tickets for this show that anyone could attend.  Although this online show was a huge hit, American fans are hoping to hear news about US tour dates soon.