Demons in the Workplace


(Image via Jess Winkler)

Jess Winkler, Writer

I placed the apron over my head and tied it behind my back. I pulled my hair into a loose ponytail and stepped behind the counter. My coworkers all avoided eye contact with me, but I was used to it. My shift at the shop started and I already had customers walking in, paying for their things, and leaving. The day was quiet and calm, not too many people today, which sucked considering I needed to meet quota in order to make Boss happy. Last time I didn’t meet quota, he threatened to throw me in the pit. I slouched lazily on the counter, waiting for someone to check out. Just then a woman swaggered up to me with her blonde hair hanging just above her shoulders. Her face was wrinkled and serious. I sighed before standing upright to address her. 

“Hello! What can I do for you?” I asked cheerily. Her glare sharpened and I felt the anger in me rise. 

“You teens need to respect your elders! I was just told my purchase was unacceptable! Fix this now or I’ll have you fired!” she shouted at me. Everyone in the store quieted and I could see my coworkers staring at me with fear. I found the perfect person. The anger in me boiled and I gave the woman a small smile. She thinks she can fire me? That’s hilarious. 

“Miss, I’m sure my coworkers did all they could. Now, if you would like help, please be patient with me and I’ll see what I can do,” I spoke calmly. The worker beside me shuddered a little, it only made me smile more. 

“You dare speak to me like that? I am a lot older than you child!” she cried out. The same person, who shuddered just before, gave a small chuckle. My smile widened and I choked back a laugh of my own. She had no clue…

“Watch who you’re talking to ma’am. While I might not look like much, I can assure you, you don’t want to mess with me.” My voice was flat and quiet, but I was overjoyed at the look of unease that passed through her face. However, just as fast as it came, the shock was wiped away and her face filled with anger once more. 

“GIVE ME YOUR MANAGER!” She cried out. Everyone took a step back from the madwoman, other than me. I couldn’t hold it back any longer. I laughed loudly. My chest rumbled as a red aura surrounded me. My eyes turned black with a glowing red pupil. The shadow of black, ragged wings appeared behind me. This time it was the women’s turn to step back. 

“I’ll do you one better! I’ll get you the owner!” I told her as I spun on my heel in a 360 spin, placing my elbow hard back down on the counter and leaned my face on my upright arm. My black and red eyes bore into her plain gray ones. 

“What are you?” She cried out. At this, all my coworkers started laughing. They were the same as me. 

“I’m a high-level demon, babe. If you are still so intent on firing me, you can take it up with my Boss. you’ll be seeing him soon.” I told her as my hand shot forward and grabbed her wrist before she could pull away. At my touch, a black handprint left a mark. This told the others that she was marked for Hell, and with that my quota was complete. 

Once the mark was given my red aura, black eyes, and shadowed wings disappeared. Everyone in the store went back to what they were doing as if nothing happened. They didn’t remember the fight and it would stay that way. The woman turned her back to me and left the store. The black mark I gave her would only be visible to other demons like me and my Boss. I turned to my coworkers and some high fived me while others gave a slight smile. The anger in my blood quickly died down. I hated people like her, people who take workers for granted. Who think they are better than the poor person behind the counter. I knew I didn’t have to worry about my workers being verbally abused like that, they were like me, only some deal with it differently whether that be with anger or violence. I become sarcastic despite my better judgment. I could feel Boss’s approval deep within my ‘soul’ and the look on everyone else’s faces told me they could feel it too. Another ‘Karen’ down, and so many more to go, but that’s for another day and another quota. People like her were the real demons here.